Project Transportation

Special vehicles and permits are a special service for loads in order to carry out the transportation of all other materials, regardless of the length, width, height and weight differences that cannot be transported under normal conditions with standard vehicles. Analysis, plan, design, management and consultancy are provided at all stages of project transportation processes. We specially design the appropriate solutions of our solutions and during the service in this field, our logistics operations are handled with both your business processes and your company strategy, and your commercial expectations are determined.

What are the services provided within the scope of project transportation?

• Project Handling and Scenario Management.
• Getting a Road Permit.
• Procurement of Technical Equipment.
• Foreign Trade and Legislation Support.
• Local Information.
• Heavy Cargo, Warehouse and Transfer Solutions.
• Heavy Freight Transport.
• Turnkey Cost Management.
• Order Tracking.
• Crane and Survey.
• Full Charter and Part Charter Chartering.
• Packaging and Fixing of Materials.
• Commodity Insurance.
• Document Output.
• Project Appropriate Storage Services.

What are the characteristics of the companies engaged in project transportation?

Project transportation companies should have an expert and dynamic staff. Equipment and vehicles are suitable for heavy freight transportation, knowing the procedures of the employees, being able to analyze the road, have engineering knowledge, know different geographies and successfully manage the time, be suitable for the project and heavy load transportation, perform the procedures of the employees Sometimes some projects are air-land, It may need to be transported by more than one mode of transport such as train-ship, sea-land. Firms engaged in such project transportation have to explain each option in conjunction with its pros and cons. Turkey and serving in Europe, Mersin has the C2 authorization certificate and UND membership in a professional manner with your Ankara and Konya Ottoman Group Logistics Transport transport project, you can buy.

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