Railway Transport

It is probably one of the biggest advantages of rail transport. In these transport systems, it is included in the cost processing class like uncomplicated maritime transport. Another advantage of rail transportation to Mersin, Ankara and Konya Osmanlı Grup Logistics and other countries is that it is a mode of transportation that pollutes the environment with a minimum. At the same time, these publications can be transported safely and in large advertising broadcasts. There is a missing part in this part in railway transportation. Mersin, Ankara and Konya Osmanlı Grup Lojistik, transportation services to other countries by rail. In this transportation method, the cost of transportation increases due to high fuel consumption and at the same time, the high-speed construction of the investments that can be made available for this transformation is another disadvantage of railway transportation. It is only suitable for medium and long distance transportation.

Advantages for Railway Freight Transport

  • An environmentally friendly mode of transport.
  • It is safer than other transport types.
  • It eases the road traffic burden.
  • Generally, other transportation options have a long term fixed price guarantee.
  • While there are land crossing restrictions in international crossings, it is given its superiority because it is a preferred type of transport.
  • Transit times are slightly longer than on the road and back voyages are fixed.
  • The most suitable type of transportation for heavy tonnage and bulky loads.

What is the role of Turkey's exports in railway transportation?

It is currently the least used method of freight transport in Turkey. Turkey's exports in terms of value of securities to be made in only 2% are transported by rail portion. In the first years of the Republic, great importance was given to railway transportation, and in the following periods, this interest decreased and more to road transport. The high road transport of the bunch railway infrastructures is still the most important reason why it is not high.

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