The most important problem of the industry is

 The International Transporters' Association (UND) CEO Fatih Sener, said they experienced difficulties in Turkey's all the way out.

"The average speed of the vehicle leading to Cologne from Turkey, 10 kilometers per hour. The mind is not as it gets. Our industry is losing time and energy, our country is losing well," he said. Sener, give priority to Iran's own vehicle so Gürbulak said could pass as early 4 days from the Customs Gate, exports through the land of the Turkish republic in Central Asia is at the mercy of Iran's is said that there is a treatment that Iran Turkey. Noting that it has become very difficult to reach the Gulf countries after the developments in Egypt and Syria, Şener stated that there is no road they have not tried to reach Saudi Arabia. Şener stated that they had difficulties in going to Europe, which is one of the most important routes in export, and said: "The truck queues at Kapıkule Customs Gate get longer and we are happy if we pass through here in 3 days. Except Iran, Austria also treats us particularly negatively. Austria, 21 thousand a year. Near allows you to use the path of Turkish trucks. these quotas after this is said to pass but country by train our vehicles. When we asked why, 'you are not a member of the European Union' is called. we're having trouble in Turkey's all the way out. currently from Turkey to Germany to the Cologne the average speed of the vehicle is 10 kilometers per hour. It's unimaginable. While our industry is losing time and energy, our country is losing too. "

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